The club amateur radio station of
BEARS, the Brevard Emergency Amateur Radio Services, Inc
Brevard County, Florida

BEARS Is A "Preparedness Organization" Under
The National Incident Management System

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FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has mandated minimum training requirements for responders and volunteers who are responding to help in an emergency area. Below are hyperlinks to the on-line FEMA training site, where you may take the required courses of instruction on your computer, take the examination as well, and receive a certificate in the mail following successful completion of the exam.

The links to specific courses are for those that are FEMA requirements. Most courses have to do with the ICS, or Incident Command System. The Course List contains other courses, that may be of interest as well.

These FEMA courses are now required for hams responding to disasters outside their local community. They are Internet Correspondence Courses that can be taken at home, with on-line testing. They are free, and FEMA issues a Certificate that will be mailed to you following the successful completion of the exam.

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