The local BEARS organization is operated under the leadership of:

  • Ms. Stephanie Phillips, Brevard RACES Coordinator (K4MVO), and
  • Mr. Ray Kassis, Brevard ARES (ARRL) Coordinator (N4LEM)

Bears operates the RACES station from the county's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Rockledge Florida and maintain all amateur radio equipment owned by Brevard County on a completely volunteer basis.  The RACES station consists of three 2 meter repeaters strategically located throughout Brevard County; one 440 repeater and one GMRS repeater.

BEARS volunteers are well equipped and are quite versatile that can respond and "stand alone" for two or three days on very short notice.  With their training, exercise participation and actual experiences, the volunteers are a very valuable asset.

BEARS volunteers
left to right:Al Ruschel, Norm Wilford, Ernie Baldini, Jim Bayless, Doug Farnsworth, Jan Ferguson, Andy Anderson

BEARS mobile communications equipment consists of:
COMM 1 (22 foot RV) and COMM 2(30 foot van) that have been converted and outfitted with a variety of communications equipment such as;  commercial radio(s), amateur radio and television (ATV), marine / aviation band radios using HF, VHF and UHF frequencies.   The primary purpose for these communications vehicles is to provide instant back-up support to any State, Federal or Local agency during a failure or disaster. Housing for these vehicles is strategic thus allowing for easy access to major highways.


Our vehicles are staffed by competent personnel that have both technical and operational skills and can be deployed upon short notice.